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Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

> help victims of crimes, witnesses and their friends and families,
> provide psycho-social support and counselling,
> provide support with official matters, dealing with public authorities and recognition
and enforcement of claims,
> provide support throughout the police investigation and judicial investigative process.

Weißer Ring
Weißer Ring is a non-profit that provides support and counselling for victims of crime in the form of help and support in dealing with public authorities, individual emotional support, accompanying the victim to court trials and hearings etc.

Starke Mädchen. Sicher im Kiez!
A project by Boxgirls Berlin. Starke Mädchen. Sicher im Kiez! (Strong girls, safe in their neighbourhood) gives girls the opportunity to recognise and tap into their own strength and to use it to actively change their environment. At Starke Mädchen. Sicher im Kiez! they are among themselves and in a protected space they learn to handle difficult situations peacefully.

Spaß oder Gewalt
This learning platform provides support and working materials for teachers and educators to discuss sexual harassment and violence with adolescent girls and boys.

Successful crime prevention – with the aim of it not happening to begin with – is of course much more preferrable than to have to prosecute and punish criminals. This website by the police provides in-depth explanations and advice on how to protect yourself and others.

S.I.G.N.A.L - Intervention im Gesundheitsbereich gegen Gewalt an Frauen
S.I.G.N.A.L. provides training for health care professionals in order to improve medical care for women who have experienced violence.