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Counselling and support for female rape victims and sexual assault, whether these lie in the recent or more distant past.

The Frauenkrisentelefon (Women's crisis helpline) offers daily telephone support for
women in all kinds of crisis situations. The counselling is anonymous, feminist, and
always siding with the victim.

Wildwasser is a joint operation fighting sexual violence against girls. It operates on
cross-cultural, partisan, feminist principles. The counselling is aimed at girls and adult women who have experienced sexual violence as girls or teenagers.

Familienplanungszentrum Balance
The family planning centre BALANCE offers counselling and medical services and
support. It offers counselling about sexual education, psychological support in family planning, sexuality and partnership.

pro familia Berlin
Pro familia counselling centres offer medical, psychological and social counselling
relating to partnership and sexuality for women, men, girls and boys.

Bezirksamt Marzahn-Hellersdorf – Zentrum für sexuelle Gesundheit und Familienplanung
Counselling and support in matters of sexuality, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, prevention.

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

> help victims of crimes, witnesses and their friends and families,
> provide psycho-social support and counselling,
> provide support with official matters, dealing with public authorities and recognition
and enforcement of claims,
> provide support throughout the police investigation and judicial investigative process.